Shaking Up the Drinks Industry

NON world is about the experience of drinking on any occasion, especially an occasion with food but it’s also about providing an experience without the need for alcohol. While many choose to abstain from alcoholic beverages, NON is able to set trends in taste and experience.

Discover why NON is the future of drinks.


The non-alcoholic industry is booming. It’s no longer just about dry July, dry January, sober October or having a night off. Drinking without alcohol is a social and cultural movement that’s palpable. 

When quality and taste are prioritised, it’s no longer a wellness fad, it’s a true depiction of a changed society. In the 2022 dry January period, CGA estimated a $295 million sale for non-alcoholic beers, spirits and mocktails whilst sales of soda and soft drinks remained flat. This shows that people aren’t settling for a beverage that’s simply ‘dry’, they’re chasing an experience, a drink that is inclusive and delicious.  

non-alcoholic innovation began with beer, but consumers wanted more. Alcoholic free beer can appeal to many, but not all. There was still a huge gap to fill. 

There needed to be options and drinks that didn’t dwindle on an experience. People wanted there to be non-alcoholic options that were special, delicious and didn’t give the ‘fomo’ but this was a slow-burn for the drinks industry. Until it wasn’t. 

The no and low alcohol sector has grown 506% since 2015 and it’s created a space for complete creativity. It’s ever-evolving and NON has kept up, then overtaken - pathing the way for the future of drinks. 


The cultural changes are notable: 66% of millennials are driving the mindful drinking movement and 58% of consumers are switching between full-strength drinks and no & low alcoholic drinks during the same occasion. It’s important to not only create a drink that’s delicious but one that can accommodate the consumer’s lifestyle choices.

NON was created for the taste experience, for any occasion, and it’s hard to ignore the fact that it’s also presenting a luxurious option for the health and wellness movement. Having a 0.0% alcohol content, being gluten free and vegan, it’s an option that everyone can enjoy. 

Premiumisation plays into the consumer’s changing habits, too. With social media having a tight grip on society, image is key. That’s why the no & low category of drinks had to be aesthetically pleasing and part of the reason why a can of soda wouldn’t suffice. Quality and style go hand in hand, which is why NON’s bottles are sleek and minimalist. Truly instagram-worthy. 

NON is inclusive, sure, but it’s also about creating a taste experience of pure luxury. Whilst your senses are enriched in a dining and drink experience, enhanced by NON, you remain in control.


3 in 4 millennials would choose to spend money on an experience over buying something desirable, and 69% of millenials feel that time spent out with friends and family is more valuable than nights at home. With inflation and house prices soaring, it’s no wonder that many are placing value on delighting in moments, rather than ownership. 

Choosing NON is about choosing an experience - invest in a moment, rather than waiting, saving for a tangible thing to own. 

NON world is about the premium experience. Now. 


The room for expansion in the non-alcoholic category is large, meaning the creativity, the innovation and the evolution of NON is set to increase ten-fold. NON was influenced by the gastronomical geniuses and tastes behind fine dining restaurants, yet the experience has evolved from being confined to the table of a restaurant. NON’s infusion blends can be enjoyed anywhere, at any time. An experience designed by you with NON. 

Keeping up with consumer habits whilst also setting a trend is what makes NON unique, at the forefront of the future of drinks. 

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