1. NON's Patented Production Process

    When tasting your zero alcohol infusion blend, it’s hard not to wonder, “how do they do it?”

    The careful balance of unique ingredients and bold flavours can only be derived through a mix of culinary techniques in our purpose-built kitchen. Our production process, through many tried and tested methods, allows NON world to be so distinct in the 0% alcohol drinks market.

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  2. NON’s Blend of Ingredients

    Created to fulfil the need for a delicious non-alcoholic wine alternative that doesn’t sacrifice flavour.

    NON is the future of drinks, uncompromising and bold in exploring a solution to a problem that’s been around for a long time: non-alcoholic wine lacks flavour and satisfaction. 

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  3. NON & Food - A Match Made in Heaven

    There is an art to pairing your non-alcoholic beverage to your food. It’s there to enhance the NON real taste experience, exploring and challenging new combinations leaving you, at times, gobsmacked but always overjoyed. 

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  4. NON is Australian in Attitude and Nature

    NON is a trendsetter, pathing the way for the future of drinks. We believe much of our attitude comes from our birthplace: Melbourne, Australia. The triangulation of Melbourne: food, style and art has inspired NON 0% alcohol beverages. 
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  5. An Alternative to Alcohol, Not Flavour

    The pursuit of zero alcohol content flavour has set NON on a path of exploration, finding ingredients from the natural world and balancing them to create something entirely unique to the drinks industry.
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