Ground to Glass: Yuzu

What on earth is it?
Why do I see it everywhere?
Why do we use it in our NON3 Toasted Cinnamon & Yuzu?
Few other fruits can claim to be as unique and exotic as this one.
Its unmistakable flavour, with its heady combination of citrus, floral and herbal notes, is unlike anything else.
Yuzu is native to East Asia and has been cultivated in Japan and Korea for centuries. Its small, wrinkled yellow fruit is rarely eaten on its own. Instead, its juice is pressed with a portion of it being aged for several weeks to enhance the flavour. This is what gives extra depth to NON3.
The flavour of yuzu is quite distinctive. It has a tartness similar to a lemon, but with a more intense floral aroma and a slight bitterness. It is often described as a cross between a lemon and a grapefruit, with a hint of mandarin orange.
We source our yuzu from the Yuzuya Honten farm in the Yamaguchi prefecture, Japan, where the majority of the picking and squeezing is still done by hand in very small volumes to maintain the highest quality.