This is Rish

This is Rish

I was twenty-four years old when I asked my mum if the drinks industry was right for me.  I loved the industry!  The people, the stories, the social element, the brands… yet something was missing.  Countless evenings in trade.  Countless events.  Countless cobwebs to dust off on early mornings. Something had to change.


After completing a successful survival expedition across the South Pacific Ocean, then travelling around South America in 2016/17, I found myself back in London, for a few months.  The power of my physical & mental wellbeing allowed me to endure tremendous pressures throughout my travels.  How could I move back into the drinks industry after having been through, and surviving these extremes?


Seedlip. A luxury non-alcoholic brand, which solved the problem of “what to drink, when you’re not drinking”. This was a bit of me. A lot of me.  The demands of social drinking were alleviated and replaced with sophisticated non-alcoholic drinks. Not mocktails! No mock or mimic. Non-alcoholic cocktails made using non-alcoholic spirits.  I got it, straight away, and needed to share this with the world.


Fast forward four years, I found myself as Head of Sales APAC, and stand-in GM as Seedlip was bought out.  I’d helped change the way the world drinks.  A special & unique team had created a new non-alcoholic category and set the path for a more inclusive & sophisticated drinking culture for the future. Non-alcoholic spirits were officially here to stay.


Non alcoholic wine is yet to share the same luxury as non alcoholic spirits or beer.  The category has not done enough laterally to create something unique for the non alcoholic wine space. Constantly comparing yourself to “the real thing” doesn’t create confidence, and creating something new is more challenging than copying an original idea.


NON. “Redefine the wine occasion” 

The most interesting & exciting non-alcoholic brand in the world, since the start of Seedlip.


Aaron Trotman (founder) has created an extraordinary & unique product which is changing the way the world drinks all over again. NON, a metaphorical child playfully grazing its knee occasionally in the playground, has turned into an adolescent teenager wanting to change the world.


After six months (of my own probation) I am happy to announce myself as the General Manager at NON.  Covid lockdowns, three months living in Melbourne and a complete shift in strategy, has set NON up to be a game changer in the non-alcoholic wine space.  My background is in spirits & non alcoholic spirits, so I may not have all the answers for the wine world, but I’m committed to asking the right questions.  I’m incredibly grateful to Aaron & the team for their support and can’t wait to build on the momentum we’ve garnered over the past six months.


Please let me take this opportunity to thank everyone who supported and believed in me to get where I am today.  This includes the team at Seedlip, our distribution partners and of course, my family & friends.  There have been many bumps in the road, but the destination is NON so I’m incredibly honoured to lead & grow this special brand.